TAO Products

Helium tight gascells

Helium tight gascells

Stratospheric airships, Google Balloons and UFOs :-) need for the flight helium gas. The helium tightness was a problem. Okay, there are new heliumtight foils, but the careful and heliumtight welding of the seams was a problem. The expensive helium was lost rapidly. TAO invented a new welding method for heliumtight gascells, which held the gas for weeks. After testing this technique for TAOs own stratospheric airship gas cells successfully, TAO is able to layout and produce customized gas cells for the needs of customers with airship or high altitude balloon vehicles.

Air electrode

Air electrode

TAO has developed own types of air electrodes for zinc-air batteries. The best invention is a new Perovskite-electrode, which has a better performance than platin - air electrodes. In addition to the standard air electrode TAO produce air electrodes according to individual customer requirements (size, coating). More information at our website air electrode.

TAO Services

Feasibility studies, energy calculations and structural analysis

icebear building

In the icebear building a new seasonal energy storage for heating and cooling were designed and developed, tested and measured.

The Flake

The largest self-supporting hall in the world: Is this possible to build? For the flake project TAO has worked out the energy calculation and the static of the building in form of a feasibility study.

Measurement services and tests

Measurement services and tests

How is a pilot effected by centrifugal forces? TAO has developed its own pressure measuring technology with various sensors and imitating the pressure conditions in 20,000 m altitude. In addition to the pressure in high altitudes special cold tests (in a StratoLab) examine the materials for their durability.

R & D / Contract Research

innovative membrane

Flying at high altitudes needs special materials: TAO developed an innovative membrane for high-flying airships (type SkyDragon) in a research project.

reclosable beverage can

Not quite tight? No problem for us! The reclosable beverage can is being developed on behalf of customers.

Prototypes / small series / production

HAP for telecommunication

All prototypes of the HAP for telecommunication with propulsion systems, energy management, control, boost control etc. are designed at TAO, built and flown on the airfield in Germany.


TAO developes and manufactures prototypes of a zinc-air-battery as well as different battery configurations in own laboratories.

The pre-production for a particular pilot suit with an inlet for pressure balancing was sewn and welded at TAO.

Exhibitions / Events

helium clouds
air cocons

Our pneumatic, inflatable light constructions are practical and aesthetic at the same time. Like the ceiling of helium clouds flying with helium or our inflatable air cocons, which can be used as a temporary exhibition space.