TAO Zinc-Air-Battery-System

The New TAO Zinc Air Battery for mobile and stationary application:

  • rechargeable in 5 minutes
  • non toxic
  • incombustible (not burnable)
  • no CO2
  • regenerative
  • no fossile fuels
  • 100% environmentally friendly
  • sustainable: no consumption of material ( the operating lubricant can be regenerated by (solar) electric power)
  • cost efficient production (no clean room)
  • inexpensive, rife basic material: zinc and air
  • vast market potential

Flying in the stratosphere needs a special energy-management: especially batteries and energy generation must be fail-safe.

The TAO Group scientists research for new alternative systems since years, because there had been no compatible energy storage systems for the SkyDragon High altitude platform at the market. Our experiences in “Flying by light/ solar energy management” (see Solar airship Lotte) are very valueable in this research.

After numerous studies TAO decided to develop first a Zink-Air-Battery-System. This will be applied on ground to automobiles and also for stationary energy storages.

Beside safety and environmentally compatibility the TAO Battery System will provide for a car a range of 300 km, recharging in less than five minutes.

It is foreseeable, that this type of battery can be produced in a very cost-saving manner. Right now we are in phase of cell testing of the Battery System.

Optimized Air-Electrodes

TAO Technologies GmbH and Fraunhofer IKTS in Germany are developing new air-electrodes for zinc-air-batterie-cells. During the research project TAO and IKTS develop high capacity and cost efficient mixed oxide chemical catalysts (Perowskit). This catalysts in an optimized design will be tested and measured as a "full-electrochemical cell" or a "half electrochemical cell". As published in scientific publications the mixed oxides in Perowskit-crystal form or in Spinell-crystal form have an enormous potential in reaching high current density and catalytic activity, which the commercially available air electrodes from established manufacturer do not reach until now. If this potential can be used in zinc-air-battery-cells this will be a big development step for electromobiles.

Research cooperation:

  • TAO Technologies GmbH
  • Fraunhofer IKTS Hermsdorf

The results of the research activities of the new Perowskit air-electrode will be implemented in the TAO Battery.

ZIM - Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand Supported by: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy on the basis of a decision by the German Bundestag