TAO’s Business Philosophy

The first TAO company was founded in 2001 to implement some of the theoretical concepts conceived under the leadership of Prof. Dr. habil. Bernd H. Kroeplin.

Meantime a multitude of prototypes of the high altitude platform „SkyDragon“ have been built and various projects in the field of air and space technologies have been implemented by a team of highly motivated young scientists.

Combining the genius of creative thinking as right and encouragement of every individual collaborator with a hard core selection of what the team will finally implement is one of the basic rules of successful inventive thinking. This corporate governance generates usually more new ideas than the team can cope with and the problem is normally that of selection and a down to earth understanding of the markets to make the right choice.

TAO has been working on projects focusing on better life conditions and a more friendly environment in various fields all in giving young scientists the opportunity to develop and apply their talents and to share the basic values of TAO that, ultimately the scientific endeavour has the delivery function to create a world free of ideological narrow-mindedness and worthy to live in.

Beyond its focus on applied research TAO has been backing up the association „Friends of the Institute of Statics and Dynamics in Air and Space Constructions E.V.“ of the University of Stuttgart to further promote the scientific activities of the institute.

TAO’s corporate governance is based as much on scientific as on social intelligence, as much on creative thinking and practical common sense of its collaborators as on hard core decision making procedures of its decision king management following economical needs and efficiencies. This mixture of seemingly conflicting goals is factually the secret of TAO’s success all in being very near the heart of its investors.

Ultimate scientific success is based not on intellectual introverted inbreeding but on confidential communication with outside networks. TAO has tackled this challenge by a good number of partner companies. In the field of air and space technologies one of these cooperating companies is Airship Technologies GmbH (AT) in Germany.

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Idee für Helion
Idee für Helion