Membrane structures and inflatable architecture

The stretch to be covered going from airship constructions to buildings floating in the air and membrane structures is but a breath of air.

A very successful actual project is the “Icebear-Building”, which won the techtextilinnovationprize.2013 in Frankfurt/M. In this light membrane construction the mobile TAO Sorption Storage, based on Silica-Gel, for seasonal heating was erected. The roof of the energy efficient „Icebear-Building“ had been equipped with innovative membrane solarthermal collectors, which transfer the warm air into the TAO Sorption storage heating. This new storage system and the membrane “Icebear-Building” will be continued (for more information see Icebear-Building). The project was explained at the international conference “Structural Membranes 2013” in Munich.

In cooperation with the “BuildAir Company” in Spain TAO accomplished air based exposition pavilions (partly in organic inspired shapes for a Gaudi-exposition) and inflatable hangars.

For DASA TAO has built a very large floating ceiling for an exhibition stand. This also meant that they were very easy to be located by the visitors.

Helion is an airship hangar and an exposition pavilion in one and was considered literally speaking the most outstanding flower of the federal Garden Show with its lotus flower shaped roof based on helium filled cone like segments which opened by the boost of the helium filled in the segments.

The lighter than air architecture is a never-ending challenge. TAO proposed lenses shaped floating roofs for football arenas. TAO at the same time has been involved in a major project in Abu Dhabi in which TAO provided all the technical calculation for energy needs and static design.

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