Architecture with adaptable structures

Is there a system of physical and digital elements that will allow a shape adaptable construction system – and its procedure to put in shape - able to generate multiple and non-predetermined shapes, modifiable regarding to different spatial, solar or energetic requirements in a building?

TAO Technologies GmbH in cooperation with EU-Partners designed in the project Hypermembrane a pilot study of a construction system for adaptable elements:

Adaptive Strukruren

Physical HyperMembrane is an amazingly shape-adaptable self-supporting structure (roof, façade, …) able to stand in different equilibrium positions depending on the structure that the end user needs. Its formal articulation is based on elastic properties of thermoplastic composites, the innovative shape of its beams and the different elongation of the connecting elements (so called actuators).

This first project is only researching and developing the technology required for the first type of applications. The main research branches of the project are concentrated under automatic structure design and modelization, composites for adaptable constructions and new light and safe actuators for positioning and clamping the adaptable structure. In addition to the prototype construction TAO Technologies GmbH is working on this application.

Adaptive Strukturen