Emergency Management by Ad-hoc Aid

In all sorts of emergencies - big floods, Tsunamis, earthquakes or heavy thunderstorms - we mostly live an instant break down of all communication systems in the distressed area. Subsequently all emergency management and all help to the suffering population is jeopardized. Normally it takes days, weeks if not months to repair the respective infrastructure. Police and rescue parties are paralyzed. Private distress calls are no longer possible as ground infrastructure (antennas) has been destroyed.

The answer must be Telecommunication by high altitude platforms

The SkyDragon high altitude platform is in a position to reinstall within a very short time telecommunication infrastructure. Some SkyDragon Platforms are flown into the distressed area. They can be launched within hours and placed in a stationary position operating by their own propulsion systems to reestablish the telecommunication network in the distressed area and they can be kept functioning till the ground infrastructure will be repaired.


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Ad-hoc emergency management with “ALF” the autonomous parachute system

An immediate help with medical products, accommodations, clean water and food can be provided by the GPS directed autonomously controlled airborne support system ALF. The ALF parachute system allows a pinpointed preprogrammed autonomous landing of products from aero planes or airships. Substantial losses of goods by unprecise landings as has been lived with the actual systems can be avoided by the new internal intelligence of the ALF system.

Video (original video showing the system at work)

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Fallschirm 'Alf'
Parachute system 'Alf'

Fallschirm 'Alf'