Product: TAO - Air Electrode

Since several years the TAO Group developed new battery systems for mobile and stationary use. In particular metal-air systems - and in this case zinc-air fuel cells.

Within this development of non-toxic, cheap and ecological systems TAO produces their own air electrodes.

Standard air electrodes

  • NEW 8 - 2017: Perovskite - Air electrode (customized)
  • Manganese - air electrode (standard)
  • Manganese - air electrode (multi-layer) with GDL
  • Platinum - air electrode (multi-layer)

Product data sheets are available on request.

Width x length: 100 mm x 111 mm; incl. arresters for ready made zinc-air systems.

Special air electrodes

In addition to the standard air electrode TAO provides optimized air electrodes for zinc-air systems (alkaline fuel cells) according to specific customer needs and requirements. These are manufactured with a special technique developed by TAO.

This manufacturing method is suitable for the production of three or more layers of air electrodes, which may also have individual compositions in the coated catalyst or PTFE concentration according to customer requirements.

The special electrodes are available in different sizes according to individual requirements.

In addition individual conductors can be produced according to customer requirements.

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